Hot off the press!


Taylor & Francis/Focal Press just forwarded an advance copy of my book Photography Beyond Technique: Essays from F295 on the Informed Use of Alternative and Historical Photographic Processes! It’s great to see it in book form. The publisher designed the cover, but I designed the interior and I’m very pleased with the results!

The printer will be finishing up the press run and if all goes as planned it will be shipping from Amazon in February 2014!

The book includes an introductory essay by myself and 20 essays by 21 photographers including:

  • Jo Babcock One Thousand Invented Cameras
  • Craig Barber Memory, Nature, and Place
  • Stephen Berkman That Obscura Object of Desire: A Brief History
  • Laura Blacklow Imprecise Evidence
  • Dan Burkholder There is No Virtue in Difficulty
  • Martha Casanave Mystery, Memory, and Narrative
  • Jill Enfield Something Extraordinary
  • Dan Estabrook Notes on the Art of Failure
  • Jesseca Ferguson The Photograph as Reliquary
  • Alan Greene Imaginary Whole Plates or, Notes Towards the Reinvention of Photography
  • James Hajicek & Carol Panaro-Smith The Evolution of a Collaboration
  • Robert Hirsch Looking Backward, Seeing Forward: Reframing Visual History
  • Robb Kendrick There is No Command-Z
  • John Metoyer Synthesizing Centuries
  • France Scully Osterman Sleep
  • Mark Osterman Finding Confidence: Combining Process with Purpose
  • Tom Persinger Windows
  • Jerry Spagnoli Photograph, Material, and Metaphor
  • Brian Taylor The Art of Getting Lost
  • Keith Taylor In the Dark, Time Feels Different than When it is Light